Pick & Pack Services

• By outsourcing to us, we improve your cost structure.
• We reduce your delivery shipment cycles, improving your bottom line.
• We ship your company products with your identification only.
• We keep your pick and pack expenses on track with upfront budgeting and no hidden costs.
• We customize fulfillment solutions, delivering goods to your customers on time and on budget.




• The pick and pack process begins with a computer generated pick ticket that provides instructions to the warehouse, including items to be picked, packaged, staged, and shipped. This includes special handling, labeling, or other customer specific requirements.

• The pick ticket is generated directly through the state-of-the art warehouse management system which is often linked online to our customer’s sales ordering system.

• Packing is completed in the fulfillment staging area of our professional warehouse. There packing materials, labels, and insertions specified by our customer are used to send the package via our low cost LTL services, truckload, UPS, FedEx, or DHL.